If the staff are the cogs that make the Sizzler machine work, then Management are the engineers that make sure the cogs are well oiled and working effectively (not literally, but you get the picture!)

As a member of the Sizzler Management team, you will perform a range of duties along with other members of the management team. In a highly demanding people driven business, we look for people with get up and go, ambition and hospitality nous who will fit in to our management model. Your future is our future!

We offer a range of benefits (link) to all management members, as well as the opportunity to move around the country.

As a manager you will take on the role of mentor, teacher, coach, trainer, counsellor, director, role model and sometimes confidant. Can you handle all this? Do you think you have what it takes? If so, click below for more information, or click here to apply now.