Staff FAQ

As one of the biggest employers in the hospitality industry, a large portion of our workforce is made up of employees that have Sizzler as their first job, so naturally we understand that parents like to make sure their children are making the right decisions! At Sizzler the safety and welfare of our staff is at the top of our list, and a dedicated management system will make sure that your son or daughter is always looked after while at work.

We’ve compiled the following list so you have all the information about how Sizzler goes about business:


Q. Is there always a manager on duty?

A. Absolutely. This is to make sure each and every guest is looked after, all staff are secure and safe at work and that all Sizzler policies and procedures are followed.


Q. How old can my son or daughter be to start work with Sizzler?

A. Sizzler has a national policy that all employees must be a minimum of 14 years and 9 months of age.


Q. Are there restrictions on the number of hours my son/daughter can work?

A. The legislative requirements vary from state to state:


  • The Act requires employees who are under 16 years of age and have not yet finished Year 10, to provide parental consent to commence work.
  • Employees under 16 may only work 12 hours during a school week (38 hours a week during school holidays), with each shift being a maximum of 4 hours Monday to Friday and 8 hours Saturday and Sunday.
  • All hours of work must be between 6am and 10pm.


  • Children under the age of 15 can only work with parental consent
  • Employees under 17 years of age may not work during school hours.
  • Children under 17 may not work before 6am or after 10pm.


  • Employees under the age of 15 can only work 1 shift per day, and this cannot exceed 4 hours per shift on days in which the child is required to attend school.
  • Total hours of schooling and work cannot exceed 40 hours per week.


Q. Will I have to pay for my child’s uniform?

A. Sizzler provides most of their employee’s uniform requirements with the exception of black trousers and black non slip covered shoes. A weekly uniform allowance deduction of $2.50 applies (up to a maximum total of $65.00) which is fully refundable (save for fair wear and tear) upon return of uniforms at the end of employment with the company


Q. What’s the latest I can expect to pick my son/daughter up from work?

A. The majority of our restaurants close at 9pm, but this changes depending on the time of year. For example, during school holidays some of our larger restaurants will stay open until 9.30. A closing team will stay back for approximately one – two hours after these times depending on the restaurant and which section your son/daughter works in. For further information, don’t hesitate to ask upon application for employment.


Q. This is my son/daughter’s first job. Will they be made to feel welcome?

A. Absolutely. Our managers and certified trainers know all too well what it’s like as a first-time employee, and will go out of their way to make your son or daughter feel welcome and assimilate into their new job. Managers emphasise hard work, having fun, making friends and learning life skills to make each new employee feel like part of the Sizzler family.


Q. What kind of training is provided at Sizzler?

A. Each new employee is assigned a Certified Trainer for their section. A Certified Trainer is an employee who is fully certified to train staff in their section. Each employee has the same trainer on each shift, so they get consistent training, and don’t receive any mixed messages while at work!


Q. How does Sizzler handle staff grievances?

A. Each manager has extensive training in staff management, and as such they are well and truly qualified to handle any issues that any of our team members may have. Any staff member who is not satisfied with the handling of the matter can follow the Company’s personal grievance procedure.


Q. What is Sizzler’s stance on substance abuse?

A. Zero tolerance. Sizzler has a dedicated policy document outlining the Company’s stance on use on substance abuse, and the consequences that a breach in this policy will have.


Q. How does Sizzler deal with discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace?

A. Sizzler has a strict set of policies dealing specifically with these issues. The Company views breaches of these nature to be the most heinous of crimes, and will act accordingly.