Management FAQ

Q. What management training is available?

A. While the focus is on making guests feel welcome through the personal touch, our managers must also operate a successful business in a competitive market. This involves coordinating all restaurant operations from ordering and cost control to providing a motivating climate for our employees.

We provide our employees with the opportunity to move between restaurants as part of their continual learning process. Employees in turn get to work with different managers in different locations enhancing their development and experience.

Through our Management Education Program, individuals receive comprehensive practical, theoretical, and workshop competency based training.

Sizzler develops and encourages our employees to advance to more senior positions. Continual learning through training workshops both internal and external, and hands-on experience will prepare you for a career in this industry.


Q. Do you have any part time or casual management roles?

A. Yes, after a qualifying period and dependent on the needs of the business


Q. Can managers transfer between stores?

A. Yes, depending on the needs of the business, local and interstate transfers may be available.
So if you think you have what it takes to run a multi-million dollar business unit, forge yourself a career in a rewarding industry, have fun and make some serious $$$ in the process, then Apply Now!


Q. I don’t have any restaurant management experience at all but I would really like to pursue a management career with Sizzler?

A. Many of our current managers started out in staff roles, why don’t you consider this path? We believe in rewarding and developing staff who display ambition and who are eager to learn and work hard.