The Jobs

We think you’ll like it here. Our focus is not only on our guests but also on each other and making sure we are all on the same page and enjoy ourselves at work; happy people means happy guests.

At Sizzler we have a range of sections and jobs to suit everybody. Our sections are:


Hotside is our engine room; it's where the hot grilled meals on our menu are prepared and made. Hotside attendants enhance the guests experience at the restaurant by providing high quality food, cooked to perfection and specification. There are four different positions;

  • Grill
  • Make
  • Prep
  • Fry



Coldside attendants are critical to the success of the operation of a Sizzler restaurant, as they are the first point of contact for our guests.

The Coldside position is comprised of the following key functions:

  • Greeting guests as they come into the restaurant
  • Order taking / Cashier operation
  • Hosting
  • Coldside attendants may also be responsible for allocating tables, drink service and various section specific cleaning duties.



The Sizzler dining room is the place where our guests spend most of their visit enjoying their meals and experiencing Sizzler hospitality.  A talented Guest Service Attendant must be able to do the following:

  • Create an environment where the guest feels most welcome
  • Maintain cleanliness of the dining area to enhance guests experience
  • Provide speedy service to our guests so that they enjoy each and every visit to Sizzler



The main role of a Utility Attendant is to provide a constant supply of clean, sanitised and dry smallwares to all sections of the restaurant. Smallwares includes all utensils, plates, bowls, glassware, cutlery, pans and tubs used by our guests and staff throughout the day.

Other duties include receiving and storage of deliveries, cleaning tables in the dining room and general cleaning duties throughout the restaurant.


Salad Bar

The food bars are the focal point of every Sizzler dining room: it's what our guests come for! There are three key job roles in the Salad Bar section. These are:

  • Maintaining the Salad Bar - replenishing the food bars. This position may also involve opening, setting-up the foods bars in the morning and closing, breaking down the food bars when the restaurant is closed.
  • Salad Bar Preparation - involves preparing salads, desserts, fruit and hot items for the Salad Bar
  • Salad Bar Captain - the primary responsibilities of this position are to provide full-time observation of the Salad Bar, greet, interact and assist guests and to communicate issues and requirements with the salad bar attendants and the manager on duty.